Pawson Transport Ltd aims to offer a comprehensive programme of training across the business and in order to achieve this we employ an in-house, on site, dedicated Driver Trainer to ensure that this objective is met.

Driver training is a essential part of our fleet management programme; in as much as, it equips our drivers to operate company vehicles in a safe and fuel efficient manner; and equally importantly, can be a factor in reducing vehicle accidents. The performance of our drivers is continually monitored and measured to ensure operational standards are maintained.

All new drivers have a company induction and training programme including equipment operation prior to starting work.  This training includes OPCOM (Operators Compliance System for Transport) based training covering transport legislation followed by theory and practical training.  This includes vehicle checks, defensive, economic and environmentally friendly driving. On the job toolbox talks are also carried out at frequent intervals offsite.  All our drivers have undertaken the statutory Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence)  training which was a legal requirement for September 2014 and training will continue each year in order to remain compliant.

Our modern, well equipped fleet is fitted with vehicle telematics. The data derived from the on-board system provides real-time and historical information as to an individual drivers  on road performance. In analysing this data it allows us to be able to direct support, and if required, additional training in the areas where it is actually required.

The modern day professional driver must be a combination of a qualified and competent driver, with relevant and up to date skills.  We will ensure that those who want to drive have the necessary ability to conduct themselves and drive with the utmost safety, courtesy and consideration for all other road users.

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