Helping care for the environment is also a key part of our business, although a very challenging one too considering the nature of our industry.

We believe that the most efficient, well managed operations, driven by a passion for improvement, are also likely to be the most resource efficient. We strive to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions, attempting to adopt more environmentally-friendly methods wherever possible.

Updating our fleet to Euro 6 engines which have lower emissions, utilizing and extracting cambus information to investigate and monitor the green footprint of our drivers and SAFED driver training to improve the environmental efficiency of our transportation.

Recycling materials such as oil, tyres and batteries locally.

Installation of a new truckwash which constantly recycles water. By utilizing our own site it eliminates the need to travel to a local facility which further reduces unnecessary mileage.

Commencing the conversion of site lighting to LED fittings increases our contribution to energy security.

Although in the very early stages, we are looking at the installation of a wind turbine.

Wind energy is the most mature of all the renewable technologies and could potentially contribute heavily to the challenging future renewable energy targets..

Renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, do not produce any greenhouse gasses and therefore do not contribute towards climate change.

Protect the Environment
Wind Turbine - Save the Environment

Site Specific Intiatives

Our native wildlife is under pressure like never before from the erosion of habitats and climate change.  In an attempt to try and ease this pressure, we have made developments as follows:

  • Trees, shrubs and hedges can provide valuable shelter for a large number of different kinds of animals and so by creation of a landscaped bund on the external perimeter of our site we are attempting to provide a natural habitat for wildlife.
  • Planting thorns to establish new hedgerows.
  • Planting wild flowers to encourage bees and butterflies whilst also enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape.
  • Encouraging birdlife around the site by the installation of bird boxes and in particular specific ones for barn owls, providing an area for them to make a welcome refuge. They are efficient hunters that prey almost exclusively on small rodents such as mice so chemical based pest control measures could also potentially be reduced.

In the scheme of things these initial first steps may seem minimal, but they demonstrate our commitment to contribute to environmental protection and if we do it right, we will help “green” our customers supply chain too along the way.

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